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22 Sep 2022
Article |  | 22 Sep 2022

HMS Challenger and SMS Gazelle – their 19th century voyages compared

W. John Gould

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IAPSO: tales from the ocean frontier
Denise Smythe-Wright, W. John Gould, Trevor J. McDougall, Stefania Sparnocchia, and Philip L. Woodworth
Hist. Geo Space. Sci., 10, 137–150,,, 2019
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Marc de Vos, Panagiotis Kountouris, Lasse Rabenstein, John Shears, Mira Suhrhoff, and Christian Katlein
Hist. Geo Space. Sci., 14, 1–13,,, 2023
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The paper compares the historical context, organization, personnel, conduct, and scientific innovation of the voyages of HMS Challenger (1872–6) and SMS Gazelle (1874–6). Though the expeditions were in many regards similar, the Challenger expedition became famous and is regarded as marking the start of global marine science, while the Gazelle voyage remains almost unknown. Why? A surprising factor may be what we now know as "health and safety" issues.