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History of Geo- and Space Sciences An open-access journal
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Special issues

Atmospheric electrical observatories, 2020
Eds. Karen Aplin
Developments in the science and history of tides (OS/ACP/HGSS/NPG/SE inter-journal SI), 2018
Eds. P.L. Woodworth, R.D. Ray, M. Green, and K. Schlegel
History of geophysical institutes and observatories, 2013
Eds. K. Arora, D. Cole, J. Urrutia-Fucugauchi, and M. G. Johnsen
History of hydrology (HESS/HGSS inter-journal SI), 2020
Eds. Okke Batelaan, Keith Beven, Chantal Gascuel-Odoux, Laurent Pfister, Roberto Ranzi, and Maurits Ertsen
History of regional warning centers, 2018
Eds. K. Schlegel and P. Wilkinson
The International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics: from different spheres to a common globe, 2019
Eds. A. Ismail-Zadeh and J. A. Joselyn
The history of ionospheric radars, 2011
Eds. R. Pellinen and A. Brekke
Tributes, 2011
Eds. K. Schlegel
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