Special issues

Atmospheric electrical observatories, 2020
Eds. Karen Aplin
Developments in the science and history of tides (OS/ACP/HGSS/NPG/SE inter-journal SI), 2018
Eds. P.L. Woodworth, R.D. Ray, M. Green, and K. Schlegel
History of geophysical institutes and observatories, 2013
Eds. K. Arora, D. Cole, J. Urrutia-Fucugauchi, and M. G. Johnsen
History of hydrology (HESS/HGSS inter-journal SI), 2020
Eds. Okke Batelaan, Keith Beven, Chantal Gascuel-Odoux, Laurent Pfister, Roberto Ranzi, and Maurits Ertsen
History of regional warning centers, 2018
Eds. K. Schlegel and P. Wilkinson
The history of ionospheric radars, 2011
Eds. R. Pellinen and A. Brekke
Tributes, 2011
Eds. K. Schlegel
CC BY 4.0