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12 Jun 2017
Note |  | 12 Jun 2017

Ball lightning: a Renaissance account from Zafra (Spain)

José M. Vaquero

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Francisco Javier Acero, Manuel Antón, Alejandro Jesús Pérez Aparicio, Nieves Bravo-Paredes, Víctor Manuel Sánchez Carrasco, María Cruz Gallego, José Agustín García, Marcelino Núñez, Irene Tovar, Javier Vaquero-Martínez, and José Manuel Vaquero
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Earliest meteorological readings in San Fernando (Cádiz, Spain, 1799–1813)
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Spatial impact and triggering conditions of the exceptional hydro-geomorphological event of December 1909 in Iberia
S. Pereira, A. M. Ramos, J. L. Zêzere, R. M. Trigo, and J. M. Vaquero
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 16, 371–390,,, 2016
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An analysis is given of the account of a globe of fire observed in Zafra (Spain) in the middle of the 16th century. During a strong storm, Conde Don Pedro observed what he described as a globe of fire that was directed against the city and abruptly changed course. He attributed the change in course to a miracle. He described neither any damage nor sound.