Articles | Volume 14, issue 1
27 Jan 2023
Article |  | 27 Jan 2023

Understanding the drift of Shackleton's Endurance during its last days before it sank in November 1915, using meteorological reanalysis data

Marc de Vos, Panagiotis Kountouris, Lasse Rabenstein, John Shears, Mira Suhrhoff, and Christian Katlein

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Development of a diffuse reflectance probe for in situ measurement of inherent optical properties in sea ice
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MOSAiC drift expedition from October 2019 to July 2020: sea ice conditions from space and comparison with previous years
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The MOSAiC ice floe: sediment-laden survivor from the Siberian shelf
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New observations of the distribution, morphology and dissolution dynamics of cryogenic gypsum in the Arctic Ocean
Jutta E. Wollenburg, Morten Iversen, Christian Katlein, Thomas Krumpen, Marcel Nicolaus, Giulia Castellani, Ilka Peeken, and Hauke Flores
The Cryosphere, 14, 1795–1808,,, 2020
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Poor visibility on the 3 d prior to the sinking of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s vessel, Endurance, during November 1915, hampered navigator Frank Worsley’s attempts to record its position. Thus, whilst the wreck was located in the Weddell Sea in March 2022, the drift path of Endurance during its final 3 d at the surface remained unknown. We used data from a modern meteorological model to reconstruct possible trajectories for this unknown portion of Endurance’s journey.