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Review article
17 Aug 2020
Review article |  | 17 Aug 2020

Sixtieth anniversary of the International Geophysical Year (1957–2017) – contribution of the Soviet Union

Yulia S. Lyubovtseva, Alexei D. Gvishiani, Anatoly A. Soloviev, Olga O. Samokhina, and Roman I. Krasnoperov

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Roman V. Sidorov, Mikhail K. Kaban, Anatoly A. Soloviev, Alexei G. Petrunin, Alexei D. Gvishiani, Alexei A. Oshchenko, Anton B. Popov, and Roman I. Krasnoperov
Solid Earth, 12, 2773–2788,,, 2021
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Historical K index data collection of Soviet magnetic observatories, 1957–1992
Natalia Sergeyeva, Alexei Gvishiani, Anatoly Soloviev, Lyudmila Zabarinskaya, Tamara Krylova, Mikhail Nisilevich, and Roman Krasnoperov
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 1987–1999,,, 2021
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Early Soviet satellite magnetic field measurements in the years 1964 and 1970
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Geosci. Instrum. Method. Data Syst., 8, 209–215,,, 2019
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Geosci. Instrum. Method. Data Syst. Discuss.,,, 2019
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Short summary
The International Geophysical Year (IGY) of 1957–1958 was one of the most significant scientific events of the 20th century that marked the beginning of the Space Age. IGY united efforts of scientists from 67 countries for comprehensive study of our planet. The scientific program included multidisciplinary activity on all the continents, in the oceans, in the air, and in space. This article gives a brief overview of the history of the IGY organization and its main achievements.